Interactive Voice Response System

IVRS can be used to manage almost all functions associated with hotel booking. By using an IVR system as part of the booking process, hotels can use caller identification systems to identify the location of incoming callers and greet users in their native language. IVRS gives opportunity to your customers to enter Personal Information like Credit Card Information in a secure manner and complete the booking process.

IVRS can provide information on room types, availability, prices, amenities, and other hotel features as well, simplifying the process for customers and the establishment.

IVR menus can also be established on the hotel's internal lines to connect guests to specific services automatically. Using IVRS, establishments can create a menu of its available amenities, such as laundry, room service, rentals, and concierge, connected customers directly to their area of interest.

IVRS solutions for :

Healthcare Industry
Advertising and Sales

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