What is a Predictive dialer
Predictive dialer is a innovative CTI product which Automatically dials a list of phone numbers for your human agents and connects the call to agents if the call is answered by the dialed party. How Predictive Dialer will help my business. It improves the efficiency of the human agent . Predictive Dialer filters the voicemails, unanswered calls, busy and unavailable numbers.

What is a VoIP Dialer
Voip dialers use the voice over Internet technology to connect to the customers. VOIP dialers are cost efficient when used in the international scenario as long distance carriage charges of telecom companies are very high .

What are voice loggers
Voice logging is synonymous to telephone recording, Companies record the customer interaction to keep records, monitor customer service quality and for security purpose. In a call center environment it is often called "agent monitoring" or "call logging" .

What is Epbx or PBX
Primarily its a business telephone system ,it related to call handling. Business telephone systems are often called as private branch exchanges.Its provides facility of internal phone line, voicemail facility, call barge-in, call recordings facility, Intelligent routing facility.

What is IP-PABX
They are business telephone system which incorporates the power of IP Telephony. They support the routing of calls on VOIP network providing cost effectiveness to the companies working in nowadays globalised business environment.
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